Sunday, January 23, 2011

Starting Young

Today at the Journey Campus, there was a video shown talking about whether what a child learns at 4 will affect them when he/she is 14. or 24. As a dad, that really struck me. Heather (hawt wife) and I have, since London has been able to understand better, talk to her about God. At first it is a bit akward. What do you say to a 1-year-old? Sadly, this is enough to stop many people from doing it. However, as we've continued to talk with her, it's become one of our favorite things to do.

The other day, as Heather drove past the church with the girls, London began to point at the church and scream "DADDY GUITAR!!!" Heather then began to say things like "yeah Daddy plays guitar at church. He plays for Jesus. He's saying 'thank you Jesus for the snow.'" It's that simple. London continued to thank Jesus the whole way to my parents house.

Every night as we lay London down to sleep, we pray out loud for her. At first it's kinda odd praying while a toddler repeatedly pokes you in the face going "Daddy doin?" However, it is now one of the moments in the day that I look forward to most.

As believers, we have to start talking to our children young. What if when they're grown, they could look back and not remember a single day that they didn't know the love of God.

I asked a student yesterday what he thought the biggest number in the world was. After thinking for a moment, he responded confidently with "89." If you were to ask London, she would probably begin counting to 10, skipping 4 as always.

Children don't understand deep theology, but they understand 89. And they understand "1235678910 YAY LONDON!" Just because they're young, doesn't mean they can't begin to learn to thank Jesus for things like snow and watermelon slushes from Sonic.

What if you could look back, and never remember a day that you didn't know of the love of God?

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